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Klorane Bebe Nourishing with Cold Cream 125ml

Klorane Bebe Nourishing with Cold Cream 125ml

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Klorane Bebe Nourishing Cream with Cold Cream

(Klorane Bebe Creme nutritive au cold cream)

Description: Klorane Bebe Nourishing cream with cold cream restores the balance of water and sebum in the skin.  Its use is advised for hypersensitive skin due to dry skin, irration and the mouth and chapping.

-intense and lasting mourishing actiont (cameline oil)
-increased protection: barrier effect of the cold cream
- lasting moisturizing effect (humedrant glycol)
- easy to apply, quickly absorbed
- encourages the elimation of cradle cap
- delicately scents the skin
- used in maternity units
- hypoallergenic
- tested under pediatric contol
How to use:
Face: twice a day to your baby's clean and dry skin.
For cradle cap: apply in the evening, leave to work all night and shampoo in the morning.

Suitable for the following skin types: Dry, very dry & small cracks

Product size: 125ml*
* Please note that the image shown is for a 50ml product.

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