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Klorane Bebe Protective Powder 100g

Klorane Bebe Protective Powder 100g

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Klorane Bebe Protective Powder
(Klorane Bebe Poudre de Toilette Protectrice)

Description: Klorane bébé protective powder isolates the skin from perspiration and absorbs the humidity in the skin folds thnks to its highly micronized mineral powders. Rich in soothing Calendula extract, its pro-vitamin A ingredient gives it a calming and anti-irritant effect which is beneficial for the baby's fragile skin. The powder leaves a light protective layer on the skin which is delicately scented and soft to the touch.

How to use: After the toilet, on the perfectly clean skin and dries, apply the Powder of Protective Toilet Klorane Bébé to the chest, the back, the armpits, the folds of the neck and the buttocks of your baby. To hold with the variation of the nose and the mouth of the child.

Active Ingredients: Extrait de Calendula

Product size: 100g

Keywords: Klorane Bebe Protective Powder , Klorane Baby

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