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Mustela Bebe Mild and Rich Soap 150g

Mustela Bebe Mild and Rich Soap 150g

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Mustela Bebe Mild and Rich Soap with Cold Cream- Nutri-Protective 

(Mustela Bebe Savon Surgras au Cold Cream)

Description: For gentle cleansing of the face and body of newborns, babies and children with dry, dehydrated skin or skin subject to external aggressions. Moisturises and strengthens the barrier function of the skin. Softens skin and compensates for the drying effects of hard water. Contains Mustela's Cold Cream (glycerin, beeswax and ceramides), which creates a protective "shield" on the skin to protect it from environmental factors such as, cold, wind or dry air.
How to use: First, wash your hands, then wash baby's face and body by working up a lather. Rinse carefully with clean water. Dry without rubbing.

Suitable for the following skin types: Dry

Product size: 150g/5.29 oz

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