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Mustela 9 Mois Instant Comfort Legs 125ml

Mustela 9 Mois Instant Comfort Legs 125ml

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Mustela 9 months Instant Comfort Legs 
(Mustela 9 mois Bien-etre instantane jambes)

Description: Provides an immediate sensation of relaxation and soothes, with the action of menthol. Helps strengthen the wall of leg tissue with the combined action of Elastoregulator® (soy peptide derivative), Lupeol and two stimulating active plant substances (escin and ximeninate).  Moisturizes skin with hyaluronic acid-based formulation. Helps soothe skin hypersensitivity and sensations of tightness with the action of Chlorophycea extract. Hypoallergenic - specially formulated to minimize the risks of allergic reactions. This creamy gel, fresh and alcohol-free, is non-sticky and does not stain clothing.

How to use: For immediate and long-lasting well-being, apply Instant Comfort Legs, twice a day, by gently massaging legs from ankle to knee. Your legs will soon feel lighter and softer!

Product size: 125ml

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