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Phyto PhytoLium 4, 12x.06oz Thinning Hair Treatment

Phyto PhytoLium 4, 12x.06oz Thinning Hair Treatment

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Phyto called on its finest experts to formulate Phytolium®4, the first anti-hair loss product to protect the hair’s follicle cells and reserve cells for the production of future hair.
Phytolium®4 is not just a high-powered anti-hair loss product, it is the best partner in preserving your hair capital. Thanks to CapicellPro, a doubly-patented plant complex, existing hair is stimulated and future hair is preserved.
Hair acquires longevity to attain a normal life span and regrowth cycles are regulated in the long-term.
Shiitake stimulates the production of the longevity proteins (Sirtuin) conducive to cell survival and contributing to the self-defense system.
Stem cell extract, obtained from the wild apple tree, helps to preserve the follicle cells to prolong hair life.
Serenoa extract, combined with the cleansing and stimulating properties of Sage, Cajeput, Rosemary, Lemon and Cypress essential oils, slows hair loss and regenerates the hair bulb environment.
Solanum glycoproteins, a patented active ingredient, act on the hair bulb to tone and stimulate hair growth.
Grape procyanidols and Cananga essential oil, together forming a patented complex, protect the tissues around the hair bulb to promote denser and more vigorous growth.
Use Phytolium®4 on damp hair after shampooing.
Apply to the scalp, section by section, with the aid of the nozzle and distribute evenly by massaging gently. Do not rinse.
Phytolium®4 may be used for a 3-month period with 3 applications a week.
We recommend using the intensive treatment program twice a year.
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