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Mustela Maternite Light Legs Gel 125ml

Mustela Maternite Light Legs Gel 125ml

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Mustela Maternite Light Legs Gel 125ml

Immediately soothe and refresh tired legs with the Mustela Maternite Light Legs Gel, a comforting formula.

Specifically formulated for those who suffer from leg fatigue during pregnancy, this ultra lightweight gel works to restore calm with its pleasurable cooling sensation. Tight and uncomfortable muscles are alleviated whilst your skin is moisturised, ensuring rested and soothed legs.

The non-sticky and non-greasy Light Legs Gel is created from a combination of moisturising avocado peptides, which soothe and smooth the skin, plus menthol extract to immediately refresh and comfort the area.

Massage from the soles of the feel to the top of the thighs to help circulation. Keep in the fridge for a more intense cooling effect.

Hypoallergenic. No caffeine, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol or bisphenols A & S

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