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Guam Cellulite
The Italian woman's best kept secret for combating cellulite and fatty issues. 

1.GUAM® Algae: fields of specially selected seaweed well-known to assist with cellulite conditions are grown and harvested young, specifically for GUAM® products.

2.GUAM® Seaweed is harvested with an ancient tool, called a “scoubidou”. This works like a cork screw, pulling the seaweed up from the sea bed onto the deck of the boat.

3.The Seaweed is laid in the open fields to dry for 3 days in the traditional way; the ocean breezes will eliminate 80% of the water; it is then reduced down to a powder and transported to the factory.

GUAM® powdered seaweed is mixed with a unique green clay, blended with phyto-extracts of Ivy and Horse Che­stnut to stimulate the lymphatics and circulation. Es­sen­tials oils of Oregano and Lemon are then added to increase cell permeability, firming and tone.

Guam Alga Scrub 700g

Guam Burroscrub Dren 250ml

Guam Fangocrema Dren 200ml

Guam Fangocreama Anti-Cellulite Mud Cream 350g

Guam Fanghi d'Alga Seaweed Mud Formula 750ml

Guam Fanghi d'Alga Seaweed Cool Formula 400ml

Guam Sulphur Mask 100ml

Guam Thalasso Bagno Mare Bath and Shower Gel 200ml

Guam Thalasso Bath Salts 100g

Guam Thalasso Pelle Di Mare Body Lotion 200ml

Guam Thalasso Sea Salts 1000g