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Mustela 9 Mois (Pregnancy)

Mustela 9 Months is the only complete line of specific skin care products designed to accompany your changing skin during pregnancy and postpartum. These products are developed under medical supervision and are clinically tested to provide safety, efficacy and pleasure of use.

Mustela 9 Months draws upon the unique association of 3 specific active ingredients:
•Elastoregulator: a natural active ingredient that enables skin to adapt to tissue stretching by strengthening its elasticity. It directly activates the production of the skin's support proteins.
•Lupeol: a plant extract, stimulates biosynthesis and ensures that the collagen, naturally produced by the skin, is of good quality.
•Avocado Peptides: reduce the skin's increased reactivity and limits feelings of hypersensitivity. The skin is soothed and remains elastic and supple, to better withstand stretching.

Mustela 9 Mois Body Restructuring Gel 200ml

Mustela 9 Mois Hydratation Extreme

Mustela 9 Mois Instant Comfort Legs 125ml

Mustela 9 Mois Intensive Anti Stretch Mark Cream 75ml

Mustela 9 Mois Specific Bust Support Cream 125ml

Mustela 9 Months Stretch Marks Care Oil 105ml

Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Prevention Oil 105ml

Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Recovery Serum 75ml