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Baby Nasal Care

Baby Nasal Care
Brand: Gifrer
Gifrer Serum Physiologique Nasal Saline Solution 40 Unidose x 5mlPhysiologica is recommended for irrigation of the nasal cavity and daily ocular irrigation for infants, children and adults.Nasal irrigation: Physiologica® facilitates nasal irrigation for toddlers whose noses are often congested with ..
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Frezyderm Nasal Ointment 15ml
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Brand: Frezyderm
Frezyderm Nasal Ointment 15mlDry nasal ointment for relieving nasal irritations and enhancing the nasal skins barrier. The ointment provides an alternative antimicrobial action that prevents the development of infections, reduces inflammation and restores the disturbed skin flora. It contains no dru..
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